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1st Invasion - [Text > Action]

[The ink handwriting that appears on the scroll is neat, but to the point where it may as well have come from a printer computer. Giegue, having 'procured' a quill pen, is using telekinesis to write his message. This was, it seems, the means in which people here communicated, after all.]

Subject: Impasse

Message: From my personal investigation, I see that there is no readily available passage off of this planet. That is unfortunate, mutually. But if there exists a doorway in, then logically, there ought to be an exit.

You too must wish to return to your homes, as peaceful and gentle as this burg may be. It still cannot be "home" to you. These feelings, I understand. That is why if an exit does not appear within a satisfactory span of time, I will extend the invasion of Earth here.

My plans will not be hindered. Let us make this a joint effort.


[It's late evening in Ponyville and by this point, all the good people have finished eating their dinners. Out in the street, if there are anypony is still walking around, they may notice a white, adult rat, lying on its side. If one cares to approach it, they would find that the rat is gasping for breath, drained from hunger.

Giegue never needed to eat in order to sustain himself. He grew careless in this form and it slowed down, eventually exhausting what little energy it had. Understanding that now, in hindsight, he seeks nutrients.]
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[All the decent folk might have finished their meals for the night and gone to bed, but Pokey is still poking around the streets at night. It's easier to, in general, when he doesn't have to deal with too many of the horse-faced freaks that live in this town.

When he sees the rat, he crouches down and stares. Just stares. For a moment, there's a sense of recognition, as if he's somehow seen this rat before...a thought he pushes away because it is a super dumb thought.]

Didn't even know this stupid town had rats....

[His voice is different. Still Pokey's, but a little bit older than Giegue would have associated with him, puberty having brought with it the required changes of time once Pokey managed to cross that threshold in Mayfield. It's Pokey yet somehow not: his voice and dress in his business suit attest to him, his words attest to him...but things are missing, including the previous sense of Giegue's own influence on him.

As for Pokey's sake, he just looks around for a rock or a large piece of wood or something. He has no clue what's wrong with the rat and, as far as he can tell, it's just dying. Better to put it out of it's misery than anything.]
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[Pokey had his back turned to the rat, inspecting a rock - he was pretty sure it was big enough - when he heard Giegue's voice. For a few seconds, Pokey is stock still before the rock tumbles out of his little clawed fingers and kicks up dirt in front of his foot.

He does everything he can not to tremble at the sound of Giegue's voice again. His thoughts tumble and spill about his head, unbidden and uncontrollable, making it difficult to think about anything straight. He'd dealt with this once before, albeit exceedingly briefly, back in Mayfield, yet somehow the exact same thing had managed to catch him off guard and surprise him again.

Figures, he supposes.

He takes a deep, shaky breath before turning back around to his master.]

You've looked better, Master Giegue.

Uh. How long have you been here? How much do I need to brief you on?

[Because it's not like it's impossible that Giegue may have been here for a while in the shadows. Lurking. Doing its own planning and reconnaissance.

Possibly even spying on him to see if he'd still be obedient to Giegue.]
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Sure. Yeah. Sure.

[He's dazed at the moment, taken off guard. Giegue doesn't seem to have any intent of punishing him for the moment, so maybe he hasn't noticed his duplicity yet. Or he's just waiting to spring a punishment on Pokey later. It could be either.

Pokey searches around his pockets for a moment. Usually he has something on him, and his mind races as he searches. What the hell is he supposed to do about this? ...It's possible that Giegue might not have his actual psychic powers, after all here he is starving in the street. Maybe Pokey could finish him off, or leave him to starve, and that could be the end of it. But at the same time, Pokey knows that's not how death works in a place like this. Hell, it was confirmed for him that death is as permanent here as it was in Mayfield.

Warn others. Maybe he could do that but...there's a sinking feeling in his stomach as he thinks about that. He warned others in Mayfield, sure. Maybe it'd be the right thing to do here. But for some reason, he just doesn't want to.

Would he have changed at all if Lucas had just warned everyone about him like it could have happened?

Pokey doesn't know why he thinks that. There is no changing Giegue, not for the better. There can't be. He's the ultimate evil. Even in this form, even this weak, Pokey sincerely believes that. It's too hard to get out of his head.

After a minute of just standing there like an idiot as he rifles through his pockets, Pokey grimaces as he looks at his barren hands.]

I-hold on...

[And then?

An apple appears in his hand. Just out of nowhere, the remnant of the item creation powers he and the other Mayfield survivors had been bestowed with, and the small bit of that power he got to bring with him. He does it without thinking, not bothering to consider how Giegue might react to the show of power he shouldn't possess in any form.

And he just puts the apple out in front of Giegue, still dazed and confused from this whole experience.]
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[Pokey grimaces at the sight of Giegue feeding. That was...something he didn't need to see. Still, he crouches down for a moment, laying his arms on his knees as he watches his 'master'. He's careful to never take his eyes off him.]

I've been here about two months. Apparently we're being pulled in by some death goddess who's running experiments on us. What those experiments are meant to be I have no clue, neither does anyone else, aside from just observance. The general population is pretty weak and needy - they could maybe make decent slaves once we get out of here but not much more than that. There appears to be no exit, as far as I can tell.

Some of the others she's brought in here could possibly work as allies, but most of them are too caught up in their daily lives. Still, there has to be some who're discontent enough that we could run a con on them.

[Well, if he's going to pretend to be obedient, might as well try and go the whole hog for now. It worries him a little just how easy it is to slip into it, but it's a better idea not to let Giegue assume or figure out too much. It might be easier to keep tabs on him and try to curb him, if he can make Giegue think he's still his servant.]
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[Pokey thinks for a moment on that then shakes his head.]

Maybe. I'm not so sure.

What pow-

[He squints a little, trying to say the word and figure out what Giegue is talking about before his eyes widen. Oh crap. Oh, no. Now he realizes the folly of what he just did and how much he didn't mean to do it. He can't help from grimacing from fear at the realization.] It's...part of me. From the last place I was. I ended up in a place like this for a few years although....meaner. It turned out to be a computer program and when we got out as....much as we could, we had the ability to remake the town and program and powers to do it with. This is what followed me through.

[There's no real way of getting around the answer, none that he can think of that Giegue wouldn't take offense to. So he'll answer it as briefly as he can for now.]
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I can make little knick-knacks and food a few times a day. Not really an astounding power.

[Pokey shifts, uncomfortably, at the praise. It is perhaps the biggest indication that he's changed, that he doesn't immediately try to boast about the 'power' he has or take immeasurable pride in it. The mention of Ness...doesn't help either.]

Does it really matter what happened in Mayfield? I'm here now. Might as well work on planning how to get out and what to do with this place.
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[[Pokey's brow raises, ever so slightly, and he catches himself from asking "why?". Instead he just ponders for a moment.]

We can try but an invasion force of two, even if one of them is you, probably won't make gain too much ground here, at least not now. The dumb horses who live here are a lot less likely to, Y'know, give in to your influence as much as humans are.

We might need to take a while subverting them before we can talk conquest.

[Its a terrible suggestion, but trying to convince Giegue they should focus on subversion before considering an actual campaign, or at least to focus on one of the 'gentler' aspects of the campaign, is the only thing Pokey can think of to slow the warlord down at the moment.

He'll think of more later. He'll have to.]
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I doubt it too.

[And he does. Mayfield sure didn't have a way out. This one may not have one either.]

The dampening is probably the death goddess that brought us here, or Pale Pony or whatever. Apparently she doesn't like anyone else being too powerful. Pretty cool gimmick, I guess.

So I guess it's back to business as usual then, yeah? I keep an eye on what's going on and report back to you.

[It could be easy enough. There's the scrolls, but you can only gain so much information about others from that. And if he does find out anything important, he doesn't necessarily need to report it if it could be dangerous in Giegue's hands. Feet. Little rat feet. Whatever.

He can do this. He can give Giegue the run around, and he doesn't need to worry too much about his appearance to others here. And this place is so innocuous it's not like too much could come up. Maybe this won't be too hard after all.

But hey. When was the last time he was lucky.]

I guess we should find out a base or some place to meet, I guess. Make it safe to communicate with one another because the scrolls aren't always reliable.
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The forest, maybe, but the place can be dangerous. May not be too much for you though. Bunch of cool things in there too.

[Oh Pokey's seen some of the creatures lurking in the forest. He already knows they're pretty cool looking.]

Other than that, you got any standing orders for me or anything?

[This is going better than he'd ever imagined it would. Maybe it's possible this doesn't have to be a catastrophe, or he doesn't have to give himself up to Giegue in entirety. Maybe he can cheat this. Just maybe.

Either way, he's far more amicable and cocky than he was at the beginning of the conversation. Far more like Pokey, now that he feels like there's some sense of, if not control, things going right.]
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Sure. There's maybe a couple, but most of the freaks here are harmless. Shouldn't be anyone who's too much of a threat.

[It's going to be okay. He hasn't been called out on anything or taken to task for it, not really. He's got this.

It'd also be a good time to go now. He feels like it'd be a good time to go because this can only continue to go well for so long. He'll start to walk away at this point.]

I'll keep in touch and all that. See ya in a few days.
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