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strongbad_scrollmail.exe: dragon-game (locked from Marty)

'Sup, peoples. It's a Strong Bad again. Listen, I'm, uh, sorry about how that filming turned out. Turns out putting a powder keg next to one of the film reels was not my most brilliant idea of the year. But I'll make it even better for next time!

But this isn't about that. This is about Decemberween. Or, as you apparently call it, Hearths'warming eve. Because everything in this town needs an overly cutesy and sentimental name. It's that thing where you freeze your butt off trying to get someone a gift that they're not at all likely to appreciate, right?

Thing is. I kind of really want a certain somebody to get a good one this year. I've got this...pal. Small dragon, named Marty. Maybe you know him. And I know he likes video games. So I've got to get him the most awesome video game in existence: TROGDOR! It's about a super-intimidating dragon who burninates the land, and it's got music that pushes the limits of a little arcade chip. I think he'll like it.

And for once, just this once, I'm willing to do just about anything to make that happen for him. So if you know anything about arcade games, if there's anything you can do to help me, I'd really appreciate it. And do you an awesome favor. Your choice.

(Because there's no way this can possibly go wrong. He can feel the dread in his bones already.)
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They have video games here?

[No, really? They have something interesting here?]
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You own an old piece of crap like that? Do you live, like, in a cardboard box with a tire pool too?

[Still, he has to admit...]

Can you even play them here? Widespread electricity here sees, you know...

Rare. Like they probably have to wait for a thunderstorm or something to power most of their crap.
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Really? Where do you get them?

[Now? Now he's intrigued.]

So this game you want to actually have the code for it or anything?
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Well if you got that, I can make your cabinet for you.

Wouldn't even take that long, either.
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Re: [Visual]

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Sure. Get all your junk ready and I'll get mine. We can talk about reimbursement later.