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[Action] - Fourth Wall Event

[Just by a couple homes, a giant, metallic, futuristic bed has found its way smack dab in the middle of the road. It's clear to see that the bed, ominous and imposing with its dark purple color and 'face', though offset just a bit by the pig snout emblem above it, is occupied. Lying in the bed, protected by a glass capsule, is a familiar boy.

... Boy? Was it appropriate to call him that?

He had all the features of a fat, young boy, but over them were all the features of a decrepit man: wrinkled, pale skin and gray hair.

The man lied there, gasping for breath, lounging underneath the sunny blue sky with not a single means available to him to escape it. If anyone approaches him, he'd turn his head, weakly, and say in his tired, scratchy, though bratty voice...]

... Like what you see...?
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[He doesn't know why he's moving towards it. Maybe it's a sense of...not deja vu. Familiarity? But one he can't place. Like he's...not seen it before, so much as felt it. Heard about it. It doesn't matter. He can't stop walking towards it.

And when he gets to it?

He immediately stomps a foot down on the glass of the capsule, as if he thinks he could somehow break it, if not through strength than at least through hatred.]


[In some other time, some other place, maybe Pokey would consider what he was seeing more. Be more interested in it, take more immediate concern about what it meant for him. For others.

But right now, he can't.

Hatred. Just hatred. And fear of what could come with this, enough to make him request something that he knows can't be accomplished.]
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Yeah, sure. Let me get that for you.

[And there he goes, hoking up a big blob of spit onto the glass.

Never mind it's aimed at your face instead of where the smudge is, Porky.]

Don't worry, I can get you where you want to go. How about a trip into the lake? Ever gone scuba diving?
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[Really? Because he doesn't see how that couldn't make him angry. What would be more infuriating than dealing with you, of seeing you here?

You're him. The real him. And...somehow. That just makes him furious.

Still, he smiles back. Smirks, really, is a better way of putting it.]

Alright. You know what. You're right. Know something, we should compare notes on how two good looking guys like us got here and where we've been. Maybe we'll learn something.

[He snaps his fingers, making a little gun sign with his thumb and forefinger as he points down at Porky.]

So hey. When did Ness eventually catch up to you?

[His foot is still on the glass.]
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[Pokey doesn't care. Or, in a lot of ways, notice. He's too into this. That's right. Who's in charge now? Who's on top, asshole? He, Pokey Minch, is. He jerks a thumb at himself, grinning even wider now.]

I already saw him again. We already had to mess with each other the last place I was in. Kinda sounds like you're hoping on a dead fart and a prayer.

By the way? Met a bunch of the people who beat you the last time, too. The whole needle thing?

Doesn't work out for you.
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You son of a bitch!

[The language he ends up using catches himself off guard just as much as the electricity. Needless to say, while he didn't swear often if ever, that wasn't to say Pokey didn't know a few choice words. Hell, he had back in Onett, but his father's disapproval had curbed his use of them, even when alone at times, just from fear of what whiplash it might have. He learned even more in Mayfield, if still never really using them. He could have, but didn't.

He can't help it now. He just barely moves to keep from getting well and truly electrocuted, but it still sparks against him, runs through him, burns him. He falls to the ground for a moment, hurt but not too badly, before backing away picking himself up.]

Yeah, that's right! Lash out like a jerkoff!

[As if that wasn't what he himself had been doing. Give him a moment, while his hand scrounges at the ground.]

It's all you ever did anyway, and it's all you'll do til the friggin' stars and the sun burn themselves down! Literally! Are you happy with that? Are you?

[He's throwing rocks now, just whatever he can find. Whatever he can do to imagine that he might be able to hurt him, even though he knows he can't.]

Are you?

[It isn't just mocking. Somewhere inside him?

He's asking. Honestly asking.

Are you happy?]
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Pretty sure I can talk to you however I want, grandpa.

Yeah, guess what? When you go back - excuse me, if you go back? You won't remember this. These places won't let you. And even if you did? They'd beat you anyway. We kind of got a wide losing streak to keep up, if we want to talk our luck.

[Pokey just grimaces. And then?

He's moving forward again. Not quick, not eager, and not daring to try touching the bed again. But still so Porky can see him as he speaks.]

You're right. The world is sucky, crappy place with a bunch of jerks running around doing whatever they want. But it's...

[God. He can't believe he's going to say this. And mean it.]

But it's full of people just as scared as you, and who feel pain like you do and who...I dunno. Who care about you. Even though they shouldn't. It doesn't make sense, but they do.

...When was the last time you even touched another person, let alone talked with them? I mean have you ever even spoken with a person before? God knows you spoke at Ness a lot, but did you even really care? I mean have you ever just...hung out with somebody, or spent a day with a girl you liked?

Have you ever even liked a person that way before?

Or are you, I guess. Stuck in a friggin' refrigerator and staring stupid at everything in front of him?
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[There's so many ways to try and phrase it. What he went through. He could try telling him what he went through, what he experienced. Try to give this...broken, crippled weird thing some idea of who he was. How they had deviated.

But he can't. Not right now. He's just too damn angry.

So he just glares down at him, the real him, as he says.]

More than you ever did.
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I haven't been traveling through time, you choad, I grew up!

[You know. After all the time traveling he did for Giegue. ...Oh God. Giegue's here too. He'll need to deal with the possibility of Giegue finding...this, too, but that can wait til later.]

No. You haven't lived that long. You've been existing but you haven't lived. How are you supposed to have seen how the world works if you aren't even part of the world?
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...What if it doesn't end? What if you're wrong. I know it's some sissy crap to say that an end just leads to a beginning, but what if it's true?

[Pokey is not a courageous boy, and it'd be hard to say that it's courage that is really in any way motivating him to speak up against the...real him. This him. However you wanted to phrase this flavor. This cold, heartless him that he had been on the road to becoming before Mayfield. This version of him that he had contemplated becoming again when he first got here, and it had seemed to easy to just hide away.

He was an idiot to have even contemplated it. To have thought of going down the road again that could just lead to...this. A bitter child in the guise of a bitter old man, rambling and seeing nothing beyond himself.]

And even if it did end, it wouldn't matter. You can't see the present, I dunno how you're going to tell when the end is here.

You're pathetic.

[Pokey shakes his head, slowly.]

Do yourself a favor: stay here. That's easy enough, right? I mean you kinda have to. Just stay here and don't bother anyone.

I don't wanna waste my time having to deal with you.