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[Action] - Fourth Wall Event

[Just by a couple homes, a giant, metallic, futuristic bed has found its way smack dab in the middle of the road. It's clear to see that the bed, ominous and imposing with its dark purple color and 'face', though offset just a bit by the pig snout emblem above it, is occupied. Lying in the bed, protected by a glass capsule, is a familiar boy.

... Boy? Was it appropriate to call him that?

He had all the features of a fat, young boy, but over them were all the features of a decrepit man: wrinkled, pale skin and gray hair.

The man lied there, gasping for breath, lounging underneath the sunny blue sky with not a single means available to him to escape it. If anyone approaches him, he'd turn his head, weakly, and say in his tired, scratchy, though bratty voice...]

... Like what you see...?
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Confrontation, The Last Day

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[He didn't know why he was seeking...well, himself out again.

Maybe it was a lack of things to do. Perhaps the few meetings with the other Mayfielders he had seen here, what few there were, had inspired him. Especially since one of them was, well...her.

He's surprised, and a little alarmed, when he finds that Porky isn't in the same spot that he had originally been. He had thought that the guy couldn't move, though hey. It could have easily been a lie. After all, if it was a lie, would it really be that shocking if he had?

Still, the boy continues his search, hoping to find himself, his real self, again for...some reason.

He still wasn't sure why. Maybe it would come to Pokey when he found himself.]
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Yeah, I bet you love it. Must be like looking in a mirror. Wish I could say the same. I'm way more handsome.

[As snarky as his words are, he can't help but frown at the boy trapped in glass. Lonely. Was he lonely? He...he didn't know sometimes. Most the time he felt it, and just wished that he couldn't.

But sometimes he...

Never mind. It was hard to think of, sometimes.]

Made any friends?

[It's a joke Porky, get it? Get it?]
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Aw, I knew you'd get to the bottom of the lake eventually! Congrats, buddy, hope the change of scenery was fun.

[He just squats down, getting a better look at Porky, and at his own reflection against him, reflected in the glass.

In so many ways, it's hard to see the resemblance. It's there, but it feels so artificial. Like he's looking at some kind of skin he had sloughed away, and it had taken on its own life.]

They're a bunch of morons, you got that right. But sometimes...

[He thinks and shakes his head.]

They just need me. And I need them.

But not as much as they need me.

[Man he's quick to add that.]
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Love isn't the word I'd use. I barely tolerate them, at best. They're nice to keep around for a laugh.

[Does he shudder a little as Porky draws closer to the glass? Maybe. Just a little. But he'd never admit it.

His frown deepens at Porky's 'secret'.]

How would you even know? What, you use to have a whole town in your cute little coffin, Snow White?
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[Pokey is quiet for a moment. It would be a lie if he said he hadn't thought about that before. It haunted him quite a bit, especially here, separated from the people he'd loved most. There's been so many times he's thought about separating himself from everyone here. Of just going to his cave and staying.

Yet. Something comes to mind. And he just tilts his head.]

...I guess you just run, away.

So hey.

Is that why you abandoned Picky?
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You could have said no in the first place.

[It's a much easier thing for Pokey to say, he supposes, considering he was, in the end, just a clone. Yet, he says it anyway.]

You didn't have to go with Giegue. We didn't, I guess. But you did anyway. I guess you got all the use out of him you thought you could and then split, huh?

[He only has the barest idea what Porky is talking about when he mentions kidnapping Andonauts. Once, years back when Mayfield was still Mayfield, Lucas had mentioned something along those lines, but he hadn't really pushed much beyond then. In the end, he'd decided he didn't want to know that bad.

He's decided he still doesn't.]

Do you ever think about what it could have been like? If you had said no.
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[It's true. It's not like Pokey can say he doesn't fully understand why Porky would've wanted out. Pokey may not be Porky in the flesh, but he was made with all his memories, his experiences.

But he can't let up.]

What if the problem had always been us. It's not like we tried much to improve anything. Not like we could have done anything about the old man, but a lot else...


Did you really get everything you actually wanted out of this? Did you get anything you actually wanted?
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You're lying.

[Really, it goes without saying. But hey. Why not say it anyway.]

...He doesn't need to answer that. But hey. Why not.]

I met one of the people who fought you. Lucas. And then I met him when he got to see what happened ten years later. This is the last place I was. Little town run by a bunch of psychos. You'd have loved them, I'm sure.
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[It seems as if, for a few seconds, Pokey might be considering what Porky has to say. And then?

It starts slow at first, his chest heaving. It seems, at first, as if he might just scream. But he doesn't.

His face just starts to sneer at first, and then his lips keep peeling up. And up. And up.

It isn't long before the dams of his laughter burst in full. He tries to snort it back for a moment, stop it, but he can't. He grabs at his stomach, trying to stop the peels from rolling out but they just. Won't. Stop.

He covers his face with his hand for a moment, trying to walk away a bit. But it isn't working. He starts to slow down and wipes his eyes a bit, still smiling at Porky.]

Oh God.

That's hysterical.
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You! You are, you stupid, big fat stuffed grandpa!

[He just smiles as he walks back over to the machine, smiling down at Porky.]

So, sure. I can believe you've probably done a lot of damage. But you know and I know that when it comes down to someone competing against you, actively? Competing against you like Ness did?

We knew that a lot of it was luck. And we also knew in the end, that you and me? When it comes down it?

We're guys who have no luck.

I don't need to think about if you failed. I know you did.

There's more to it than that, though, I guess.
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Yeah. That a fact?

Okay. Show me that power. Smite me or whatever you want, right here and now. Come on.

Let's see 'em.
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Can't die, huh.

[He's not even sure what to say. He had it for a little while. Thought he did, or at least immortality. God knows he died plenty in Mayfield, was murdered plenty, but it's not like that's a fact he's going to be sharing with Porky. And now that he has to think about it...about the fact that everyone in Mayfield might be gone, and soon, if they were stuck in town...

He just stares at Porky for a moment before kneeling down a bit.]

No one wants to die. And a lot of times, when we die, we die alone. But despite that frailty, that kind of weakness in people? It's something we all share.

And you know what? I know that sounds cynical. But what I'm actually getting at is this: death isn't an ending. I know that and you know that. Come on, we've seen too much to think that. There's probably a god somewhere, other than just god-like beings, but I don't know or care if it cares about us. But we've seen too much: monsters, and ghosts, and spirits, and demons. There's something beyond here. And even if we go alone, we'll meet up with those who went before us, and who'll follow.

I don't mean like, heaven or hell or any of that sissy Sunday school crap. But there's something. And it just goes on. Death isn't just darkness and nothingness; it's just a doorway to somewhere or sometime or someone else.

No one ever really ends. Except you. Here, in this...[Pokey taps the glass, and frowns in disgust. He can't even find full words to describe it.] tomb. You'll never go on where you're meant to go next. You'll never change. You're just stuck here, just being preserved like friggin' astronaut food, sitting at the same old party everyone else left all alone. Sitting in the dark.

It's not that things will never end for you. It's that things ended for you and only you a long time ago.


Who would ever want to be you?
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I don't think I'm any better than you. But I'm trying not to be me as much.

[He shakes his head a bit.]

You have no idea how I've lived, and you never will. You wouldn't care anyway, not like this.

Yeah. Talk doesn't save you from the world. And the world? Is a crappy place. It sucks.

But the people in the world aren't the world. If anything, they're the only thing that can save you, as dumb and ugly and moronic as they can be on their own. And a lot of them are scumbags too.

But some of them are wonderful. I've met heroes who forgave more than they ever should have and I've seen villains learn to care. I've seen people fall from where they stood morally. And I've seen monsters find love with each other.

The world is an ugly place. But the world wasn't the people you looked out at and just...hated. Even if they deserved it.

In the end? You are the world you always hated.

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