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[The message is short and sweet and this is very clearly Teddie's handwriting. Enjoy your daily dose of bear crisis.]

What do you do...when you don't know how to feel about something anymore?

[Even if Teddie didn't have any sort of unique writing style, the letter ends with a doodle of a a swimsuit. No reason, just a very feminine pony in a two piece suit. Winking. It's no one in particular, but it's definitely...there.]
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[Good Lord. For such a silly and dumb bear you've sure had a lot of crisises lately Teddie.]

A lot of the time you just get over it, but it depends on what it is. What's bothering you?
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As hysterical as it would be to imagine you could be mad about something, why does it make you mad? I mean you don't have to tell me everything but give me some idea.
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[Pokey doesn't know why it surprises him Teddie is still angry about this, but for some reason it does. Somehow Pokey had supposed that Teddie would just bounce back from it. Quickly. From everything he had seen from the bear, he'd gotten the impression that forgive and forget might have been his way.

But really. It's not as if Teddie is wrong to be mad. Pokey supposes there's a lot he can say about people who release giant world destroying monsters too, but he'll leave that to the side for now.]

Yeah you're right that sucks. You know I'm a champion at being mad too. I'm really good at it. You want I can teach you ways not to be so mad anymore. But they can only help for so long.

Have you talked with your friend about how you're mad?
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[There's a pause for a moment from the writing, and then he...yeah. He's going to go ahead and switch to audio, at least on his part.]

Hey. Bear. Listen to me.

Your friend is being a jerk. I'd say he's just a jerk but I guess I don't know that even if it's the only real word I can think of to describe someone who does the crap he did. And it's okay to be mad at him. I get that you don't want to but it's fine to be. It's cool.

But if you haven't seen your friend? ...I think you should try and find him.

[...Wait. Back up on that a minute.]

Find him over the scrolls I mean. Try and talk to him. And, yeah, the guy is probably going to be a massive jerk to you since it sounds like he's obsessed with being a tool right now, but even though he's being a huge jerk?

He needs to hear other people care. Cause him doing the crap he's doing? I he's left all alone he'll just get worse and worse in the way he thinks and what he does.

Least, in my experience that's what happens.
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Re: [Audio]

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Yeah, traitors usually aren't treated that great. ...But with how this place works, I'd be surprised if she wouldn't let you talk with him if you asked. ...I'll ask along with you if you need the help, or ask for you if you really need it.

[You know. Considering you're such a Nerdlinger and need help like a baby.]
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Re: [Audio]

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I...yeah. Sure. Not like I don't have the time with how fast the arcade is coming along.

You're my friend. I'll, like, write them or something over this dumb scroll.
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....I don't need anything, bear. Don't worry about.

[Just. Be his friend. Even after everything that's going to happen and probably go wrong in subduing Giegue with this arcade. After it when you're probably going to hear about all the monstrous things Pokey himself has done.

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Careful, you might end up pissing off your girlfriend. She probably has some weird thing against dragons wearing socks like she does foxes wearing pants.
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I dunno. I keep seeing her badger this fox nerdlinger over the network. I think she's just some kind of clothes elitist who thinks they should be reserved for bears only.

You should talk to her about how she's being racist. You don't want her to get in trouble, right?
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Oh man. Teddie.

Do they have the Fashion Police here? They don't screw around. You gotta tell her to stop before they send her to do hard time in the yarn fields!
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Re: [Audio]

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Yeah yeah, just be calm about it. She probably thinks she's doing the right thing since, you know. That fox is a real dumb nerdlinger and he doesn't deserve pants.

But gotta keep her from getting in trouble with the five-o, right.
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Eh, he's dumb in a really different way.

But man, I'll make fun of you for being dumb. A pants robot?!
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Re: [Audio]

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[Yeah, he just....

Starts laughing his little scaly ass off. You are a crack up, bear.]

That's one of the dumbest things I ever heard! It's so dumb it's awesome!