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Dear Princess Horsefaces (Locked to the Princesses; any of them; he just needs a response)

To the Horse Princesses,

Hi. I'll keep this short and sweet because I know how busy it is at the top. I'm Pokey Minch, and on top of being a dragon I'm representing a dumb bear named Teddie who I guess traded whatever brains he might have had in for heart. Anyway, Teddie is a friend of the guy who sided with the freakshow monster that tried to take everything over last month. He wants to be allowed to talk to the guy, but is afraid of asking you all because I guess he's just that much of a spastic scaredy nerd.

I think you should give him permission to for a couple of reasons. The first is that it's impossible to imagine Teddie could make things worse in the situation in any way; he couldn't somehow assist in getting this guy out of whatever punishment you've bestowed on him, with prison time or community service or whatever crap he's doing right now or scheme with him or any crap like that, so I don't think there'd be reason to worry about a security breach on this matter.

Secondly, I think it's important that someone like the traitor get to talk to someone like Teddie. In my experience, people who have pretty little brains but a lot of heart can make a lot of difference in the way someone who commits an act like treason. It'll help even more if they're friends. A person only really does something like that, betrays others, close to him or not, because of something wrong with them. And maybe that sounds obvious but I mean they do it because of a specific way they're thinking. And that way of thinking can't be corrected unless they get to talk to others. And not, like, on an intellectual level or anything evil. Just talking to a moron who speaks with their heart and stomach can do a lot more than some freak telling you to lie on a couch or something.

So I ask you, please. Let this big dumb bear talk to this big dumb traitor.

You're Welcome,
Pokey Minch
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Pokey, right?

I see no reason to not grant my permission on this matter. It would probably do Yu some good to have somepony who is a friend.
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As grievous as his crime was, he's hardly on the level of Tirek when it comes to him being dangerous.

Just let me know when he plans to come to the castle, so I might get Yu off of the ceiling.
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No, not exactly. He's cleaning it.
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Well, moving the cows were pretty difficult for him.
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No, but I felt the punishment fit.