01 November 2015 @ 05:13 pm
Hey everypony! I'm going on a trip!

Don't worry, I'm not leaving 100%. I need to set up some things, set up some paperwork, and stuffs. But I'm going to head on back, catch up to my friends, throw a few parties, and pretty much just hang around. I might even visit some other worlds too!

So, to do list. Anypony got a place I can hang out at for a while? I want to make the most of my roadtrip and ooh, ooh, I need travel music!


[And Pinkie Pie, as in her won't, breaks out into song!]

Don't stop dreaming
Don't stop believing
Your own future -- hey, definitely! Definitely!
Let's make it come true

Like a tale from a distant world
Reach out softly
To your imagination...!

Though I'm innocent, I want to try it all
My heart
Shines so brightly

Not with common sense or correctness
I will head in the direction my heart tells me
Let's start running

I want to get excited
I want to stay positive
I'll paint a picture with brand new feelings
Yes, day by day

Don't stop dreaming
Don't stop believing
Your own future -- hey, definitely! Definitely!
Let's make it come true
29 September 2015 @ 01:32 pm
[She could be worse for wear... being near that... it tired her out, but she turns her blue eyes on the scroll now that it's unfurled. Yes, yogurt zombie crisis; she knows, but this is important.]

I need to see Twilight Sparkle. The native Twilight Sparkle.

[There's no more to say immediately so the scroll goes dark as she waits for someone to answer.]
27 September 2015 @ 04:57 pm
I know we've got a wide-spread problem here, so lets keep it simple.

Those who want to help protect the dairy from the most affected, report to the front of it. I've got a team with Sengoku Drivers to protect themselves from any accidental bites.

Those with any other armor, fan out and protect the major food resources. Obviously it goes without saying don't hurt anyone. If they get violent, secure and contain.

Pinkie and anyone with food supplies, can you whip up some quick yogurt and distribute it to those with the worst cravings to stave them off? We need to feed them to keep them from getting violent.

Oh, and Princesses? I guess my team is at your disposal again.
27 September 2015 @ 02:37 pm
[Well here's a rather familiar looking face. Judging by the Pinky Catch around one of her hooves, it's the same Coco that disappeared some time ago and she's back. She thankfully doesn't seem affected though she is looking around nervously. She seems about ready to change into Cure Spring.]

What's happening here? Why are there so many yogert zombies out here? It even looks like some of the ponies here have turned into yogert zombies.

Oh, I really wish I gotten back here sooner...

[Locked to 3G!Tails]

Are you still here, little bro? Your double's been turned into a yogert zombie. I just saw him stumble about a moment ago, looking for yogert.
[Far be it from Papageno to question the world around him, but waking up to the exact same parrot pooping on the exact same part of his pillow for the second morning in a row is...well, it's one of those things that almost might make a fellow rethink living in a hut full of semi-wild birds. Besides that, it's one of those things that makes a fellow think about other odd things that have been happening lately.]

Does anyone else remember a bright light and a lot of noise last night?

And does anyone have some vinegar I could borrow?
20 September 2015 @ 07:38 pm
[The following is a letter, delivered to everyone in hand written form. It might have taken Luna a long time to write all of these but the intent was the same.]

To The People of Equestria,

I, Luna, am proud of each and every one of you.

Perhaps it is time that I put my thoughts into writing, as I have been holding onto these emotions for some time. For everything that has happened, everything that has been said and done, you have all managed to exceed my view of everyone in this world.

We stand, united as one against a common foe. A foe who wishes to engulf our world. The battle, be it through sword or word, will be coming, and to all of those returning to our world, thank you. There is more than anyone can say or do, but I thank you all for coming back from the bottom of my heart.

I thank everyone for their contribution, be it big or small. And I hope that when the battle is done, and we can say "I am home", it will be in the best of circumstances.

So I send this letter out to all across Equestria. Not just the outsiders, not just the newcomers. Not just the Dragons, Minotaurs, Ponies and Animals alike. We are becoming one.

Thank you, your work is appreciated. And while I cannot thank you all in person, I am glad to have been in this world.

I am Princess Luna, once again taking up the mantle I forsook in order to protect those whom I care about.

Calice, I even send this letter to you.

We are coming.

We will be united as one.

- Princess Luna
09 September 2015 @ 03:09 pm
[Is that... Zetta's voice, sounding out over a low roar of water? Is he singing?!]

Divide me down to the smallest I can be!
Put your, put your venom in me!

[...yep. When she nudges the scroll through the bathroom door, there's the Overlord standing beneath the shower head, water cascading down on him as he flails at the air as if playing a keyboard. It's not particularly scandalous thanks to the whole pony body, but it IS ridiculous. Also he's levitating a scrub brush for a microphone.]

I can move mountains
I can work a miracle, work a miracle
Oh, oh, I keep you like an oath
May nothing but death do us part!

[No more keyboard flailing, at least. The Overlord stomps his back hooves and one front one to the beat, sending water and mana power splashing everywhere as he takes a moment to scrub his back. But just a moment, because he's gotta go back to hamming it up.]>

She wants to dance like Princess Cadence
Bury me till I confess
She wants to dance like Princess Cadence
And I can't get you out of my head

The blood, the blood, the blood of the lamb
It's worth two lions, but here I am
And I slept in last night's clothes and tomorrow's dreams
But they're not quite what they seem

[Oh look, he's rocking out on air keyboard again.]

I can move mountains
I can work a miracle, work a miracle
Oh, oh, I keep you like an oath
May nothing but death do us part

[Back to stomping along to the beat as he turns off the water, then tosses his head back to fluff out his fiery mane. On his last three stomps he lifts his foreleg, then better to pump it to the chanting.]

You'll find your way
And may death find you alive
Take me down the line
The Crystal Empire turns the tide
You'll find your way
And may death find you alive
Take me down the line
In Ponyville we'll turn the tide!

[The Overlord flings his forelegs open, creating the magical illusion of two keyboards with their keys desperately bouncing.]

She wants to dance like Princess Cadence
Bury me till I confess
She wants to dance like Princess Cadence
And I can't get you out of my head!

[Wrapping one hoof around his wayward scrub brush, Zetta leans over it to bellow.]

I can move mountains
I can work a miracle, work a miracle
Oh, oh, I keep you like an oath
May nothing but death do us part!

I can move mountains
I can work a miracle, work a miracle
Oh, oh, I keep you like an oath
May nothing but death do us part!

[Bathed and clean, there's only one thing to do: Zetta ends the song on a massive air drum solo and Rarity is desperately trying not to laugh her flank off at the utter ridiculousness she's witnessing. ]
08 September 2015 @ 02:36 pm
We've returned from the Everfree Forest. For those of you who were unaware, there was a barrier in the forest standing until recent events occurred. It's gone now; however, I ask that those who intend to explore this area proceed with caution. It seems suspended in time - everything in that region is animals and broken glass included. There's more, but those who want specific details, contact me privately.

Private to Princess Celestia )
03 September 2015 @ 06:18 pm
The daily life of a Corgi dog )

Being a dog must be so easy in a world like Ponyville...! No Grimm to fight, no bad guys to help take down every other day. Good night, Zwei. ♥
01 September 2015 @ 03:50 pm
Hey everypony. It's been a while! Two years for me!

Could any of you update me on the uh status of the kingdom? How about Cloudsdale? I used to go there often to shop.

[Lies. He went there to stop crime as the 'Wondrous Bolt' and the last time he was there he burst into rainbows and disappeared right in front of civilians. Watching your local superhero explode typically didn't get a good reaction.]

Is the city doing all right?

[[ooc: If your character has knowledge and means to confront Wally about his secret identity, you are welcome to do it here.]]

[Private to DDD!Tails]

Hey Tails, can you tell me what happened with the cloud house and Bruce? Is he okay?
30 August 2015 @ 01:48 pm
[Oh hey, big scary FF protag standing there, covered in armor? She's looking into the screen, that grim faced Baron helmet covering her face. But the voice is unmistakable.]

This is Y'Shanjra Ra. I've returned from Eorzea, and I bear tidings to everypony and everyone here. As you can see, I have been changed from a cat to a pony-cat-au ra hybrid. I do not think it will impose everyone if I take up residence at the Apple Farm barn, will it?

As for my appearance, well...

[She pulled her helmet off and holy shit. what happened to her? She looks, literally like a cat eared demon, with that mane of hers in dark red. The freckles are new, possibly from sunburnt hours. Her eyes were rimmed with glowing rings, but they looked tired and muted.]

I will resume work shortly. Once I get some rest.

[There's the usual rainbow explosion that heralds an arrival in Ponyville, a sight that's become a lot more common as of late perhaps. However, out of the color and smoke of this particular explosion strides, no, saunters a young mare as confidently as if she'd caused it herself. She's got a wide grin on her face, flicking her long, blonde mane back into place as she pulls out her scroll...]


Guess who's back??

[Yang's got an extremely wide and winning smile on her face. ...It's actually kinda frightening.]

'Bout time I got to punch some Grimm around. Man, what a rush.

[She missed punching things. Really missed punching things.]


[She pauses to smile again.]

What'd I miss?

[[OOC: Yang's just returned from her canon update so she's missed the past 3 days or so. RWBY!cast: She's now post-Volume 2 but pre-stinger.]]
29 August 2015 @ 08:59 pm
[Once again, Strong Bad is here. It's almost like he's only been gone for like a day or something. And he's complaining, so pretty much nothing has changed.]

Hey, all y'all from the gem-rock superfriend squad made it back here, right? I saw everybody hopping on a bus and I tried to draw up some rocket skates to catch up with you, but one of y'alls got a foot made of lead. Luckily our magical horse-friend was nice enough to come back for me.

So I'm back. And I wasn't gone that long in horsetown time, but for me it's been a couple of weeks. Lemme see if I still got the situation down: barrier down, new tree, new princess, we're speeding to the final throwdown?

...and I've gone from having awesome power to being a completely non-magic horse again. THAT helps. Seriously, though---I dunno if you heard already, but here's what we've gotta stick to: keep your muscles ripped, but your friendships...not-ripped. So I'm still working on my moves, but I figure what's more important is getting to know y'all again. Making up for lost time.

To those ends: I've fixed up the old slamatorium if anyone wants to roll around in the dirt, and if you'd rather hang, I've got some soy rinds and a couch. Can't believe I'm stuck eating this bird food again, but...it's surprisingly not-that-awful.
29 August 2015 @ 09:14 am
[The scroll shows a nice shot of the Agency, you know, that thing that's still here. Not that anyone could blame anyone for forgetting about it, it doesn't look like it's been tidied up in some time. But it's on the scroll, so you just know that means it's suddenly important now.

And look! There's a sign being straightened out and everything! Moving on its...own. Somehow... There doesn't appear to be any magical glow, so something has to be moving it...

Before anyone gets an answer, Teddie finally shows up on the feed.]

Well well well, looks like Teddie's the big bear in charge now! That's all fine and dandy, I am a man, after all. So then, from now on I'll be taking on every and all mysteries! Missing a sock? I'll use my amazing bear powers to track it down! Wanna know if ponies even wear socks?! I'll figure that one out, too! There isn't anything too big or too small! At Junes, everyday is customer appreciation day!!

[Wow, that...isn't programmed into him or anything.]

I'll be here until I get bored, so if I'm not around, just leave a memo with my lovely~ assistant.

[The feed pans to Teddie's turtle, who is for whatever reason both outside and behind a typewriter. She takes a bite out of the piece of paper before it goes back to Teddie.]

Until then, my honeys~ ♥

[...Oh dear lord, those are cockroaches moving the sign, aren't they?]
28 August 2015 @ 12:49 pm
[The Overlord flings his scroll open dramatically, letting purple mana power wash over it as he steps back to lift one foreleg dramatically.]

In honor of our returnees, I'm pleased to announced the opening of Overlord Zetta's official Friend and Lover Matchmaking service! Want the chance to make a friend? Care to try a blind date? These ties of togetherness are our strongest bond against Calice, so now's the time to grow them and make new ones!

Sign up with your basic preferences and preferred service, and my elite team of matchmaking minions will send you the time and place to meet your new friend or date. And in honor of putting the screws to our nemesis, this service is absolutely freaking free!
28 August 2015 @ 12:39 am
[The younger Tails can be seen, for once, inside the Dojo rather than his shop or his house. He appears to be trying to train by himself as there's a few dummies set up and he's got his Evoker collar that he's been wearing all the time lately.

He's standing in a fighting stance getting ready to attack the dummies, even having his wings open.]


[There's the familiar sound of glass shattering........ and nothing happens. He makes a look of confusion before focusing again.]


[Again, same result. He tries calling out Persona but that doesn't even make the collar activate. His eyes widen in fear and he starts to panic before suddenly he feels a sharp pain in his head.

He nearly falls over as he clenches his head. A few seconds later, he makes a dark smirk and when he opens his eyes, they are glowing yellow. The eyes of a shadow.]

That's right. You don't have your precious persona anymore. Soon you won't have a body either.

[He feels sharp pain again and his eyes return to normal but cold sweat starts running down his face.]

You won't take over. I won't let you.

[Another sharp pain and his eyes shift back to glowing yellow.]

You won't have a choice soon. Your Evoker can't protect you now. I'll take good care of this body when you're gone.

[Another shift and he shuts his eyes.]


[He takes flight and crashes himself against the dummies and falls over. He proceeds to curl up into a ball.]

I can't let it end like this. But what am I gonna do? I can't run away but I can't fight him much longer.

Feena... Other self...everyone....

[The video then ends there.]
27 August 2015 @ 10:33 pm
Okay, so I was GONNA have a party if we beat Mr. Shanks at auction, and we DID! But then Nephenee became a Princess, and all our friends are back, and I've been making SOOOOOOO many Welcome Back cupcakes! You have no idea. And I didn't get any time to set anything up yet or do invitations or anything!


Oh, oh, and Mr. Shanks? I know you can probably see this - we've all known you have a scroll since like FOREVER. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that you're totally invited to the party too! But you don't have to come if you don't wanna!


[And then Pinkie abruptly sobers.]

If Mr. Shanks comes to the party, no one's allowed to be mean to him, okay? He's scared, and I think he kinda needs help, and making him MORE scared of us isn't gonna fix anything anyway!

So if you can't be nice to him, just leave him alone. I mean it!
[It's been a few days since her ascension, and while Nephenee was happily distracted by so many loved ones returning, her subconscious has still been at work, and with that and that one mob that keeps trying to follow her and reactions...well, suffice to say, she's still Nephenee, and that meant a tendency towards worry. Especially over relationships...]

[Of course, she's also worrying about the fact she keeps accidentally blasting things. The less said about some of those occasions, the better. There's at once excitement and nerves at the fact that she can tap that magic Patchouli once told her of, and considering she's never tapped it before on less of a passive scale...]

[Let's not even go into her worrying over everything else about being a princess.]

[...She could use some help. Which is one reason she comes onto the scroll, struggling to hold the scroll up with her new magic, as a light, bright green glow surrounds her new appendage.]

Uh, hey, everypony! Wow, been a heckuva week, huh? It's been real great seein' so many folks back!

[...Sigh, okay, she can't fake being fine. The uneasy grin drops a bit.]

Ah..Ah know Ah'm an alicorn now...but Ah don't want y'all gettin' ideas an' thinkin' ya gotta treat me different than before. No title or lil' horn can change me bein' me...so, promise y'all don't gotta bow or nothin'. Ah'm still Nephenee...

...On the other hoof, Ah...kinda gotta learn to do that princess thing. An' learn to stop breakin' things with my magic. They're gonna start callin' me the Princess o' Breakin' Things at this rate. Can Ah get help learnin' to control it? Ah've...never used magic like this before...an' learnin' to be more proper when Ah hafta be, or...whatever princesses do?

[Still, she shakes her head, scroll going along with the movements, as she tries to brighten more.]

Now that t-that's done, Ah want to hang out with folks, 'specially all the folks Ah know that've come back! We should do tea! O-or maybe a picnic for that! Or whatever y'all'd like to do!

[Yeah she's nervous. Somepony needs to hug this girl.]

Private visuals to NPC princesses, and Princess Twilight )
Private visual to Shanks )

Private to Zetta )
[Action at the Dojo:]

[It's been awhile since Neph's had a chance to get to the Dojo easily, now that there seems to be at least one group of ponies that flock to her. And in need of training to relax and help Flash and Minato out again, and a million other things, she disguises herself so she can actually get there easier. Somehow, it actually works, and she makes it there okay. Right, let's find her friends and relax...]
Nephenee -

I wish to make an enchanted lance for you. Free of charge.

You may detail your needs via the scroll, or in person at my shop.

I would speak at length of your generous heart and your great courage, but your new horn says it more eloquently than I can.

- Lucia
25 August 2015 @ 04:31 pm
(It takes a few moments after the scroll activates, but Ruby smiles while motioning to the various candies, treats and assorted sweets throughout the store.)

Hello, everypony! We here at the candy emporium would like to thank everyone who helped to participate in recent events concerning Mr. Shanks who has seen the error of his ways. (Off screen, Zwei barks lightly.)

To that end, from now until the end of the month or however long it's permitted, everything will be 50% off as a way to say 'congratulations' and thank you for your hard work, dedication and commitment in helping to save Ponyville!

Thank you, and have a nice day! (Ruby smiles again and picks Zwei up -who barks once more- before the scroll is rolled up after another moment.)